KEVIN AVIANCE 来日キャンセルのお知らせ

Notice: KEVIN AVIANCE's trip to Japan has been canceled

9月16日(日)開催の「60TH ANNIVERSARY OF KEITH HARING MUSIC BY JUNIOR VASQUEZ」に出演予定だったKEVIN AVIANCEですが、アメリカ当局による渡航許可証問題が最後まで解決できず来日できなくなりました。

本人も日本公演で多くの友人の皆さんにお会いすることを楽しみにしていただけに、我々も残念でなりません。なお、DJのJunior Vasquez、ライティング担当のDarren Kawaは、予定通り来日します。


KEVIN AVIANCE was scheduled to appear in the "60TH ANNIVERSARY OF KEITH HARING MUSIC BY JUNIOR VASQUEZ" held on Sunday, September, 16th, but due to American authorities, there was a problem getting a travel permit in time, so he cannot come to Japan.

We cannot help but feel deeply saddened that KEVIN AVIANCE himself was looking forward to meeting all his friends performing in Japan. Also, DJ Junior Vasquez and Darren Kawa, who is in charge of lighting, are still scheduled to perform.

We apologize from the bottom of our hearts for all the inconvenience caused to those who were looking forward to seeing KEVIN's performance.